Introducing the Pickering Airpark Project...

The Pickering Airpark is a grass roots movement originating out of the Buttonville Flying Club. We have a single goal, and that is to relieve the pressure on Toronto's congested aviation infrastructure by building and running a new General Aviation Airpark.

Thanks to our tireless volunteers and visionary investors, a new dawn in General Aviation has arrived. A new Airpark is being planned for the Greater Toronto General Aviation business and aircraft owner.

The Pickering Airpark Project is a shining beacon for General Aviation, job creation and economic growth in the Greater Toronto Area.

11 June, 2013 - News about the Pickering Airport Plans...


Federal Finance Minister Flaherty has announced that the Government of Canada will be proceeding with plans for construction of the long-planned airport on the "Pickering Lands". Please see the links provided on our Links page.

Pickering Airpark Offering "Round A Investor" Closed April 16, 2012

The Pickering Airpark team, working with outside counsel, has incorporated many of the suggestions made by its limited partners into completing the appropriate partnership documentation, and April 16th, 2012 was the date for the First Offering Memorandum. All limited partners had to be on board by this date to enjoy the advantages of being a "Round A Investor". That First Offering is now closed.
Thank you,
Mark Brooks
Dave Steeves

Who are we?

We are NOT Toronto Airways, Transport Canada, a municipality or a large corporation. We are many and diverse.
We are:

alt small to mid-size business owners who currently utilise small aircraft aviation to support our business activities,

alt the pilots, businessmen and aviation enthusiasts who currently fly out of the soon-to-close Buttonville airport, or are being squeezed out of Toronto's busy City Centre airport, or are unable to operate out of Pearson,

alt aviation enthusiasts who want a less congested, safer Aerodrome from which to enjoy the freedom of flight,

alt flight training specialists teaching Torontonians the art of flight, and

alt Toronto's link to small Canadian communities not serviced by regular airline, rail service - or, in some cases, even roads.

Not Just a Runway and Flight Centre...

The Airpark would be a registered aerodrome, initially comprising a 4,000 ft. paved runway, a paved ramp and a self-serve flight centre structured for the GA pilot. The facility will be designed primarily for General Aviation aircraft with VASIS, lighted runway and taxiways, 24 hour accessibility, a GPS approach and light winter maintenance. A CANPASS designation will be requested at the appropriate time.
All of the above is what you would expect in a regional airport style Airpark, but the real heart of the Pickering Airpark is you. When you buy into the Airpark you invest in all of the above and get the opportunity to customise your very own piece of aviation heaven on your own lot or T-hangar. See Appendix B for the Airpark layout and Appendix C for ideas on what is possible on your own lot.

In a nutshell...

This is the official Call For Partners for the Pickering Airpark Limited Partnership.
Please review this document for a full explanation, but here is a quick summary: The design / layout for the Airpark in Phase One is based on a 4000 ft x 100 ft paved runway. The Airpark's layout is expected to be updated depending on the success of the negotiations for leasing land at Pickering or if we choose to purchase one of the private land parcels available to us. Partners will be able to choose their location on the field once this is finalised, based on the order that deposit cheques are received.
We are now taking deposit cheques for Limited Partnership units in a first-come, first-serve order. Deposits are $5,000, and cheques should be made out to: Pickering Airpark Limited Partnership.
In the case of a standard plot, current estimates are $50,000 for a land plot suitable to build a box hangar. After the $5,000 deposit, you can expect additional cash calls to be made in April 2012 for 10% ($5,000), and in September 2012 for 45% ($22,500) more, with a final call in April 2013 for 35% ($17,500).
Double lots are $90,000, so after the $5,000 deposit subsequent cash calls are then $9,000, $40,500, $35,500. For a completely built out (turn-key) T-hangar (including land lease) the estimate is $120,000. For the T-hangar, after the $5,000 deposit then the cash calls are $12,000, $54,000 and $49,000.
We will announce a meeting to answer questions in more depth and to go over the structure and goals of the Airpark.

Airpark Layout and Lots...

Similar to many Airparks in the US and Canada - for instance, Joliette (CSG3, near Montreal) - Phase One of the Airpark will be planned around a single 4000 ft paved runway with a common ramp for visiting aircraft, a self-serve flight centre, and shared paved taxiways to the edge of each lot. A second and third phase will add additional facilities and aircraft capacity.
A high-level overview of the Airpark layout can be found in appendix B.
Lot sizes are still to be fine tuned. Currently they are: a single-sized lot of 75 by 120 ft, or a double-sized 150 ft by 120ft, both with taxiway access. Several lots can be combined for a larger building if needed.
The General Partnership, on behalf of the Airpark, reserves the right to approve a building, but in general any steel framed building should be approved. A good example of this type of simple aircraft storage hangar for this size of lot is built by Olympia Steel Building.  Their website is

Your next step...

If you are an aircraft or aviation business owner and are tired of being told that you don't count, here is your chance to take charge of your future. A $5000 deposit is your first step in becoming a Limited Partner in the new Airpark and securing a spot in the next step in the evolution of Toronto General Aviation.
Deposits are being taken today.


This overview is an invitation to become a Limited Partner in the Airpark. Before any potential Partner invests, he or she should get legal advice and is expected to meet the requirements of the definition of a sophisticated investor.
Many decisions on the Airpark are yet to be made, and this situation may change the required investment totals and intent of the Partnership. Therefore a Partner is able to withdraw from the Partnership before April of 2012, and is entitled to a refund - minus sunk costs of the partnership. As this sunk cost could be the total amount of the deposit, investors should look at the deposit as non-refundable.
Investors wishing to purchase more than two Limited Partnership units may be limited at the discretion of the General Partnership.

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