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As may be expected, the primary investors in the Pickering Air Park Project are individuals who have an interest in General Aviation in the Toronto area. All either own or lease small aircraft for business and pleasure, and are slowly being forced out of aviation in the GTA because of ballooning costs and ongoing loss of places to store their aircraft and to operate from.


The Project is envisaged with broad ownership across aircraft owners and pilots, pilot training facilities, aircraft maintenance facilities, fueller/s, and all of the other businesses which serve the General Aviation Community.


In later stages, other businesses will be invited to participate - small manufacturing, helicopter and corporate bases, etc. - but the immediate focus is on direct users with small GA aircraft. Initially the runway is not intended to be more than about 4,000 feet long - which precludes business jets - but it is intended that enough land should be leased (or reserved) to allow for such expansion in the future.


If you are interested and would like more information, please send us a message - using the contact form - and start a dialogue.

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