Frequently Asked Questions...

Question: Who are we?


We are pilots, aircraft owners and business owners currently based at Buttonville Airport.

Question: Why did we decide to build an Airpark?


We realised that, when Buttonville airport closes, we will no longer be able to have access to a secure, predictable, dependable business-friendly General Aviation Aerodrome. When it became obvious that no one else was going to fill this gaping hole in Toronto's aviation infrastructure, we decided to do it ourselves.

Question: How much are you being paid, and by whom?


The Officers of the Airpark are all volunteers. Most are also investors who are risking their own money and, in many cases, volunteering a large amount of time to build the Airpark. But don't confuse us with the Red Cross: this Airpark means business. Its goal is to support our business interests and the business interests of Pickering and Toronto.

Question: Why Pickering?


For years the Pickering lands have been set aside for the time when Toronto would need additional aviation infrastructure. That time is now.

Question: Why not let the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority) handle this?


The GTAA has made it clear that it is interested only in large Air Carrier traffic and has no interest in supporting General Aviation (GA). The one airport it currently manages (Pearson) discourages GA traffic and does not supply any of the services we need, such as AVGAS.

Question: Is there no other alternative?


Oshawa Airport (God bless them) is currently in the middle of a frantic build-out to support the expected influx of Buttonville traffic. When finished, it is expected to be able to handle about 50% of the Buttonville business aircraft. If Oshawa's Airport were allowed to cancel the noise restrictions on the south side of the field they could take additional traffic, but even then would never be able to take all of Buttonvilles traffic or to accommodate any growth.

So, there is no alternative but to building a new Airpark.