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02 May, 2012 - Pickering Airpark Quarterly status report


April has been a hectic month for the Airpark Team. With the finalization of the Limited partnerships legal documents, 14 limited partners have now signed on to the first offering memorandum. All of the limited partners are GA pilots who own aircraft based at Buttonville Airport.

For the time being we are focused on recruiting partners from the displaced pilots and aircraft based at Buttonville. We have also been in discussions with several large corporate aviation business as to our goals and intentions and the opportunities available at the Airpark.


Over the next 90 days, we plan on continuing to educate and sign up additional partners to meet our round 2 goals, meet with potential suppliers to validate costs of phase 1, produce an updated version of the business plan, lobby political allies in support of our proposal as well as hopefully secure a Letter of Intent with Transport Canada.

With our team assembled and organization firmly established, and an offer to lease land on the Pickering lands made, the ball is now in Transport Canada's court. We await their response.

Your Airpark team



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