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A timeline for the development of the Pickering Air Park...

The dates and events listed below are approximate, and will depend on political, supplier and natural forces, but this is what to expect with our current push for a "fast as possible" build-out.

  1) October 2011: Registration of Limited Partnership, bank account, volunteer officers agreed to as General Partners (GPs).
  2) December 1st 2011: Call For Partners. Deposit required $5,000 (Canadian dollars). Airpark position assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3) January – February 2012: Draft Partnership agreement circulated for review.
  4) January – April 2012: Negotiate Lease for Pickering lands and agreements with other parties interested in developing aviation infrastructure on the Pickering lands.
  5) If Lease deal is struck (400 acres), then proceed with Pickering. If no Lease, deal then proceed with private land option (200 acres) purchase or Lease.
  6) April – August 2012: Environmental study.
  7) April 2012: Land survey starts.
  8) April 2012: First cash call, estimated to be up to 10% per Limited Partner, as required for environmental and survey work, and final legal documents.
  9) Subsequent Airpark construction dates and milestones are available on request and would be approximate. The dates projected will also depend on political, supplier and natural forces.


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